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Plugin System

The built-in services are limited. But you can expand the app's functionality through the plugin system.

Install Plugin

You can find plugins you need in the Plugin List, and then download it.

The file extension of pot plugin is .potext. After downloading the .potext file, go to Config - Service Settings - Add Extension - Install Plugin to select the corresponding .potext to install it. It will then be added to the service list and can be used like a built-in service.


  • The specified module could not be found (Windows)

    Errors like this occur because the system lacks C++ libraries,Go to here download and install it.

  • Not a valid Win32 application (Windows)

    An error like this indicates that you did not download the plugin for the corresponding system or architecture. Go to the plugin repository and download the correct plugin to solve the problem.

Develop Plugin

The Template section in the pot-app-plugin-list repo provides plugin development templates for various plugins. Please check the corresponding template repo for specific documentation.