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User Guide

Translation by selectionTranslate by inputExternal calls
Select text and press the shortcut to translatePress shortcut to open translation window, translate by hitting EnterMore efficient workflow by integrating other apps, see External Calls
Clipboard ListeningScreenshot OCRScreenshot Translation
Click the top left icon on any translation panel to start clipboard listening. Copied text will be translated automatically.Press shortcut, select area to OCRPress shortcut, select area to translate


  • Parallel translations with multiple services
  • OCR with multiple services
  • Text-to-Speech with multiple services
  • Export to vocabulary apps
  • External calls (Details)
  • Plugin system (Details)
  • Support Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Support Wayland (Tested on KDE, Gnome and Hyprland)
  • Multi-language support

Supported Services


More Services see Plugin System

Text Recognize

More Services see Plugin System


More Services see Plugin System


More Services see Plugin System